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Translator Anobic VT RO is two-way voice translation in 35 languages (incl. romanian language and localization), thanks to which it will be no longer a problem for you to understand people while traveling around the world. Do you travel and discover new places? Do you need to translate a language? You certainly remember the unpleasant situations that occured because of the language barrier. Not anymore!

Language Learning...

We’re excited to be exploring new ways to learn and practice languages. We want to create the opportunity to practice anywhere, anytime. Find out more.

Business solutions

We create different solutions for specific industries including the medical, transport and tourism sector. Find out more

Why Anobic VT RO?

  • Speaks 35 languages (incl. Romanian language and localization)
  • Facilitates bilingual communication
  • Connects to Wi-FI and 4G
  • Makes experiences local

Proud to Present

The Anobic VT RO is a translating speaker that brings something special to every connection. Speak your native language and express yourself in a way that wasn’t possible before.

ECTACO Ceska s.r.o.
str. V Polich 8
Prague, 140 00, CR

+420 777 333 779
+420 774 999 399
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